Please note that the Neighbourhood Plan pages are currently being reconstructed. 


The consultation period for the pre-submission draft Neighbourhood Development Plan has now ended.  The comments are currently being considered as we move to the next stage of plan preparation. 

The comments received during the consultation can be viewed by clicking the links below.  The comments have been collated into four documents and as required by law the contact details of respondents have been removed.  The responses were received in various forms - emails, pdf, word documents etc.  The collation process means that some of the formatting has been lost in a few of them, but the words have not been altered.

Responses to the Ansty and Staplefield Neighbourhood Development Plan (Regulation 14)
Responses from Ansty residents and developers.
Responses from Staplefield residents and developers.
Responses from Brook Street residents and developers.
Responses from public bodies.

The consultation documents can still be viewed below for information only.

Draft Neighbourhood 

 Development Plan (Word Version)

Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan (PDF Version)
Draft Sustainability Appraisal

Results of sites questionnaire

The consultation on the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report closed on 21st November 2014 

Neighbourhood Plan Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

Site Submissions
Please note that the cut off date for sites that can be considered for the Neighbourhood Plan is 31st July 2013.

The following sites were submitted for consideration as part of the Neighbourhood Plan:

General information about the Neighbourhood Plan 
Map showing Staplefield sites
Map showing Ansty sites
Map showing Sugworth Farm site
Consultation displays from site owners:
Tanyards Field, Staplefield
Cuckfield Road, Staplefield
Sugworth Farm, Balcombe Road  - Please note this site was withdrawn by the developer on 7/10/2013
Bolney Road, Ansty
Holly Bank, Deaks Lane, Ansty
Ansty Farms, north
The Lizard, Cuckfield Road, Ansty
Ansty Cross pub - This site has received planning permission and work has started.
Ansty Cross garage - This site has now been withdrawn.
Barn Cottage, Cuckfield Road, Ansty
Challoners, Cuckfield Road, Ansty
Land at Little Orchards, Cuckfield Road, Ansty
Ansty Farms, south
Land at Oak Tree / West Riddens, Cuckfield Road, Ansty


The Neighbourhood Plan will need to identify how much housing is needed in the parish and where the best places are for development. This will be balanced against the desire to retain essential characteristics of the parish and ensuring that there is sufficient infrastructure. It is important that everyone in the parish has the opportunity to express their views because ultimately the plan will be subject to approval by public referendum before it can be adopted.  Visioning Days, a parish questionnaire and a Housing Needs Survey have all been conducted and further events and opportunities are planned.

The NPEX has asked landowners to submit land for possible development. Sites will be assessed by MSDC in order to determine their suitability for development.  Maps of the submitted sites are shown below.

Ansty and Staplefield Neighbourhood Plan: A Vision For Our Parish.

The Government is encouraging Parish Councils to produce their own Neighbourhood Plans.  This is an opportunity to influence how the parish develops over the next twenty years.  Scroll down to see a brief explanation of what a Neighbourhood Plan is.

The Parish Council has formed a Neighbourhood Plan Executive (NPEX) to manage and guide the development of the Neighbourhood Plan. NPEX consists of two Parish Councillors plus one representative from each of the three Residents Associations.  Minutes from NPEX meetings can be found on the Meetings, Agendas and Minutes page. Producing a Neighbourhood Plan is a community process and if you would like to get involved please let us know.


Relevant documents will be added to this page as we go through the process, please click on the links below:

Date Added Document

7th March 2012  

Update letter

7th March 2012 FAQ's 
14th March 2012  Clarification on Neighbourhood Plan Sites
14th March 2012   Letter from Gary Marsh re District Plan
20th April 2012    Proposal from Planning Consultant.
NB: I have removed commercially sensitive information.
The file had to be copied from a pdf to do this and some of the formatting is affected.
8th May 2012     
8th May 2012   
Draft Housing Supply Document
(received from MSDC)
2nd July 2012    Do you have plans for your land?
20th September 2012 Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire results - summary
Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire data (used to compile the summary report)
 19th October  
 Location maps for sites submitted by landowners:
Deaks Lane, Ansty
Cuckfield Road, Ansty
Tanyards Field, Staplefield
Ansty Farms, Ansty
Bolney Road, Ansty
Little Orchards, Ansty
Ansty Cross, Ansty
The Lizard, Ansty - no map available

Challoners, Cuckfield Road Ansty
Land next to Staplefield Village Hall NB: I am temporarily having difficulty uploading this to the website.  If you would like a copy of the location map in the meantime, please email the clerk.


The Government is encouraging Parish Councils to produce their own Neighbourhood Plans.  This is an opportunity to influence how the parish develops over the next twenty years.  

Three Visioning Days were held earlier in the year which were well attended and have provided us with lots of ideas and opinions that will help to shape the plan.

Ansty Visioning Day
Ansty Visioning Day

Staplefield Visioning Day
Staplefield Visioning Day
 What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan can…

• Decide where and what type of development should happen in the neighbourhood.

• Promote more development than is set out in the District Plan.

• Include policies, for example regarding design standards, that take precedence over existing policies in the District Plan for the neighbourhood – provided the Neighbourhood Plan policies do not conflict with the strategic policies in the District Plan.

A Neighbourhood Plan cannot…

• Conflict with the strategic policies in the District Plan prepared by the local planning authority.

• Be used to prevent development that is included in the District Plan.

• Be prepared by a body other than a parish or town council or a neighbourhood forum (in the absence of a council)

Typical things that a Neighbourhood Plan might include:

• The development of housing, including affordable housing (affordable housing is housing that is not normally for sale on the open market), and bringing vacant or derelict housing back into use.

• Provision for businesses to set up or expand their premises.

• Transport and access (including issues around roads, cycling,walking and access for disabled people).

• The development of schools, places of worship, health facilities,leisure and entertainment facilities, community and youth centres and village halls.

• The restriction of certain types of development and change of use, for example to avoid too much of one type of use.

• The design of buildings.

• Protection and creation of open space, nature reserves,allotments, sports pitches, play areas, parks and gardens, and the planting of trees.

• Protection of important buildings and historic assets such as archaeological remains.

• Promotion of renewable energy projects, such as solar energy and wind turbines.

To find out more about the District Plan please follow the link to Mid Sussex District Council website.
To find out more about Neighbourhood Plans please follow the link to the Department of Communities and Local Government website