Staplefield Ward

Staplefield, is a most attractive village three miles north-west of Cuckfield. The name includes an ending common in Sussex which indicates a ‘clearing in dense forest’.

Former local industry is recalled by the Jolly Tanners Inn. Tanning was carried out in Tanyard Lane, and the pits for soaking the hides Cricket on Staplefield Commonwere at the Grange. Tanning was replaced by parchment making, when the skins of young sheep and goats were steeped in lime and stretched upon frames, for scraping with sharp instruments or pumice stone.

One of the features of Staplefield is the attractive common where cricket has been played for some 150 years, together with the Victory Inn, which faces the common. The Parish Council own the common and cricket facility, which can be hired out by contacting the Parish Clerk

Staplefield Walk - This link will take you to details of a one hour stroll around Staplefield.