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Ansty and Staplefield Parish Council

The Parish

Ansty is a small settlement about four miles from Haywards Heath. The original village sign, situated at the Ansty Cross, was painted by the renowned local artist James Forsyth and was refurbished by the Parish Council in 2007.  Sadly, the sign became badly faded and is now in storage; it is hoped that it will be displayed in the new Ansty Village Centre.  A new sign with a new design was commissioned by the Parish Council in 2011.  Ansty possesses its share of old houses, Leigh Manor was built in 1550 and The Ancient Farm dates from the 1400s.  The Parish Council is supporting the project to build a new Village Centre in Ansty with a village hall, bar, snooker room and sports changing rooms.

Staplefield, is a village three miles north-west of Cuckfield. The name includes an ending common in Sussex which indicates a ‘clearing in dense forest’.

Former local industry is recalled by the Jolly Tanners Inn. Tanning was carried out in Tanyard Lane, and the pits for soaking the hides were at the Grange. Tanning was replaced by parchment making, when the skins of young sheep and goats were steeped in lime and stretched upon frames, for scraping with sharp instruments or pumice stone.

One of the features of Staplefield is the attractive common in the centre of the village where cricket has been played for some 150 years. It is also a great place to watch the London to Brighton vintage car rally in the autumn. The Parish Council own the common and cricket facility, which can be hired out by contacting the Parish Clerk

Brook Street is a hamlet is north-east of Cuckfield. Despite its close proximity to Cuckfield it has always maintained its own identity with its own industries and means of entertainment. These have changed over the year and tanning and shoeing horses has been replaced with garages and riding establishments. Locally the Brook Street Apple Society is well known as the makers of cider which is distributed at the annual Cider Party.